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OpenAuth offers a lightweight, versatile solution to your security needs. Using it's comprehensive feature set presented simply. You're even able to use your own http/curl type libraries!


While using our platform, you won't be overwhelmed by the amount of buttons, text or even images around. We've made it super simple to navigate, and implement, offering the smoothest, simple user experience. There is no need to find your own hosting, create your own database, or even create structures. OpenAuth comes ready to go!

What is OpenAuth?

Imagine you have a toy box with lots of toys inside. You want to make sure that only your friends can play with your toys, so you put a lock on the toy box. OpenAuth is like the key to that lock. It makes sure that only the people you want can play with your toys. And if someone doesn't follow the rules, you can take their key away so they can't play with your toys anymore. OpenAuth also lets you share your toys with friends who live far away, like in another house or even another city!

OpenAuth is a powerful authentication and token licensing service that lets you focus on your code while keeping it secure. With OpenAuth, you can easily create and manage tokens for your application, set expiration dates, access rules, and more. It’s compatible with multiple platforms and languages, and even allows for cross-domain integration with Xenforo and independent websites. With OpenAuth, you can have peace of mind knowing your code is protected.


Plans & Pricing

OpenAuth plans, pricing, and most important, included features.



  •  10MB File stream uploads
  •  10,000 auth requests per month
  •  Comprehensive user breakdown
  •  Hardware, Build & Version blacklisting
  •  Unlimited bulk token generation
  •  24-hour up-time



  •  25MB File stream uploads
  •  Unlimited auth requests per month
  •  Comprehensive user breakdown
  •  Hardware, Build & Version blacklisting
  •  Unlimited bulk token generation
  •  Unlimited token deletion
  •  Pseudo userbase access, from your own domain
  •  24-hour up-time



  •  100MB File stream uploads
  •  Unlimited auth requests per month
  •  Comprehensive key breakdowns
  •  User mode or Key mode options for requests
  •  Hardware, Build & Version blacklisting
  •  Unlimited maturing, bulk, & vanity token generation
  •  Webhook logging
  •  Teams & collaborators
  •  Access rules
  •  Optional P2P connections (chat, kill switches)
  •  Customizable loader
  •  Custom response body
  •  Version verification
  •  HWID & IP Locking
  •  24-hour up-time

Powerful Features

Our features blow the competition away.

Free Licensing

OpenAuth offers a free-to-use service, that enables you to license unlimited users, for up to 10000 authentication requests per month.

Customization and Versioning API

Your application is yours. OpenAuth help you keep it that way, we allow you to customize the response bodies that OpenAuth sends upon a successful authentication! Our API also allows you to set Versions, File Signatures, and Build IDs so your application is always the latest, as you choose.

Versatile login methods

Users can access your application with almost any method you choose to allow. From license tokens, user accounts, all the way to a custom Xenforo plugin forum software integration, or our pseudo access feature, so you can manage and edit from your own domain.

Redefined security

Your apps are always secure when using OpenAuth. Our platform does not make it easier to crack your applications, that isn't how OpenAuth works. Any authentication is only as secure as you make your application.

Token Management

Your unique tokens are safely stored away and only modifiable by you, or your trusted team members.

Competitive Rates

OpenAuth premium, an optional subscription, costs a competitive €12.99 for our recurring membership, for teams of all sizes.

Collaborators and teams

Allow members of your teams collaberate and manage your application, with four different permission levels and abilities.

Total Control

OpenAuth puts you in control of your applications, for free, without hosting requirements, or complex overwhelming documentation.

Adaptive Development

OpenAuth is always changing and improving, to bring you even more versatile features. Do you have special requests for your authentication? Contact us and we'll do our best to make that possible.

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